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google adsense wordpress website monetization 2023

Dear reader, how are you? I hope you are well. I am very good in your prayers and love. I am going to discuss with you today. I hope you will like it very much. I think the main topic of discussion today is google adsense wordpress If you are interested in the details of the account, then take a good look at the whole issue.

Connect to AdSense and show ads on your WordPress site

We now want to know how to show ads by adding WordPress website with Google Adsense and what you need to know about it and how to get approved on Google AdSense on WordPress web site.

How to add Google AdSense to your WordPress website?

If you have created a WordPress website then take a good look at how beautifully this rule of how to add a WordPress website with Google Adsense is shown below.

Good hosting for creating WordPress websites

If you want to build a website with WordPress then you need to buy good quality web hosting especially bluehost and hostgator. Also there are many good web hosting server including namecheap from where you can buy web hosting at low price.

How to Add Google AdSense to WordPress in 2023

If you want to monetize WordPress website with Google AdSense in 2021 or 2023, then some Google AdSense policies have been changed here. Also, you must know that WordPress website has become very difficult to monetize Google AdSense. I am going to share this rule with you.

How to create a WordPress website to get Google AdSense?

The first thing you need to do is buy a top level domain, especially .com .net .in There are many websites to buy a domain at a low price or there are many web hosting service providers from where you can easily buy a domain at a low price.

Rules for creating WordPress websites?

If you want to create a WordPress website for Google Adsense, you need to have a normal design on your website.

Quick Google AdSense Approval WordPress Themes

We use different types of WordPress themes to get Google AdSense but we have made a lot of mistakes here especially you can also use WordPress themes for free and get approved in Google AdSense. Here are some themes that you can easily and beautifully design your website. Will be able to monetize Google AdSense.

AdSense approval for wordpress themes 2023

  • Covernews
  • Pen News
  • Color mag
  • News mag
  • Newspaper 9
  • Newsly
  • Astra
  • Nave
  • GeneratePress
  • Hestia

Rules for writing articles on the website to get Google Adsense

Many of us make mistakes when we write articles on websites to monetize Google AdSense We don’t remember many things and we don’t know because of these mistakes but it becomes very difficult to monetize AdSense on our website especially now I will show you how to write articles on websites and Rules for writing SEO friendly articles.

When writing an article on a website, you must write carefully about a subject that you can fully explain to people. You must write an article on your website with a subject that you can explain to people in such a way that you write ten articles.

Important website pages to monetize AdSense

We make a number of mistakes to monetize the website, especially the important pages on our website that we do not use or we forget to add and then when we apply for AdSense our website rejects them from AdSense The main reason is that our website does not have important pages, so you must create them and add them to the website.

Site Kit by Google

Sit Kit Plugin is a very important plugin through which you can easily add your website Google Search Console and Google Analytics to your website.

How to install Site Kit by Google

How to add Site Kit plugin to your website First you have to go to the dashboard of your web site then you click on the option of plugin name then you will see a search bar type here You can link your website to Google.

Google AdSense login | Google AdSense sign up | create Google AdSense account

Now you need to create a AdSense account, you need to go to the home page of AdSense, then you have to give the URL of your website, then you have to give an email address, then you have to add the rest of the information when you apply for AdSense. HTML code will be given.

How to insert ad code in your WordPress site

Then you have to come directly to your WordPress web site and put it in Google Adsense’s STML code header option.

Add Google AdSense to WordPress without plugins

If you put the code of Google Adsense directly in WordPress, then you do not need to install any kind of plug-in.

Best AdSense plugin for WordPress

There are also several plugins from your WordPress web to use Google AdSense. Here are the names of the best WordPress plugins for Google AdSense. Here are their names. If you want, you can install them on your WordPress website and use Google AdSense.

Best wordpress plugin for AdSense

  • Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads
  • Easy AdSense Ads – Ad Inserter & AdSense Ad Manager
  • Ads by WPQUADS – Best Ads & Adsense Ads Plugin for WP & AMP
  • Advanced Ads – Ad Manager & AdSense
  • In-feed ads for Google AdSense
  • Quick Adsense

AdSense Auto ads WordPress

If you want to use AdSense auto ads on WordPress website then I will show you how to do it now so that you can easily know how to add and show AdSense auto ads on WordPress website.

First you need to login to Google AdSense account then you will see an option called Ads click here then you have to click on the link of your website which is associated with Google AdSense then you will see a new home page or a new one in front of you Here are some options to turn on auto ads. Here you can turn on auto ads or you can do it with WordPress plugin.

Can I use AdSense on free WordPress

You must know that you can create a free WordPress website, but if you think that you can use Google Adsense on a free WordPress website, then you are wrong. You can buy hosting, create a site, write articles and apply for Google Adsense, then basically you can make money using the WordPress website Google Adsense.

Google AdSense YouTube

If you want to make money from Google AdSense through YouTube then here are the rules that you have to follow and how to make money from Google AdSense through YouTube.

Rules for making money from Google AdSense through YouTube?

I need you to create a youtube channel then you need to upload video every day and meet the requirements of youtube monetization on youtube especially after 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time you can apply for youtube monetization and adsense By connecting to it when your YouTube channel is monetized, you can make money by setting up ads on your video from AdSense through Google YouTube.

Google adsense wordpress tutorial

Dear reader, I hope you like the things that I have shared with you about Adsense or YouTube and WordPress web site. I hope you will also like it. Earnings are what we publish on our website all the time for the purpose of informing you. Of course, stay connected with us. Thank you for saying something good.

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