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Grameenphone Internet Offer

Dear reader, I hope you are well. I am going to discuss the topic among you today. I hope you will like it. I hope that today we are going to discuss Grameenphone Internet Offer List 2022. If you are using GP SIM then you have all the interesting offers. To know more about GP SIM, please visit this article.

GP Sim Offer 2022 (All GP Sim)

This article will highlight the new offers of Grameenphone SIM in 2022. However, we must inform you about all the new GP SIM offers. You can buy the data package of your choice for less money.

Internet Packages | Grameenphone - Grameenphone

I would like to inform you that Grameenphone SIM has interesting offers that we normally take with us. After some such offers we will inform you about the other offers of Grameenphone SIM in details.

2 GB for 17 Tk GP internet

If you want to buy 2 GB internet with Grameenphone SIM for 17 taka then you have to recharge directly from My GP App or bKash for 17 taka then you will get 2 GB internet for three days.

1 GB for 5 Tk internet offer

This is an offer for Grameenphone SIM only. If you recharge 5 Taka in Grameenphone SIM then you will get 1 GB internet for one day. This offer will be for 24 hours only.

1 GB Grameenphone for 16 Taka

There is also another attractive offer for you in GP SIM that is by recharging 18 taka you can buy 1 GB internet only in GP SIM.

Gp internet offer 2022 packages new list | GP Internet Offer Code 2022

Now we want to know if there are offers for less money in Grameen SIM especially MB offer or minute offer or SMS offer.

GP Internet Offer 2022 30 Days | ALL Gp Internet Offer Code List

For those of you who have purchased GP SIM monthly internet package, I will now share the offers. You can use these offers for a period of 30 days.

30GB GP Internet for 30 days

If you want to activate 30 GB internet package in GP SIM for a period of 30 days, then you can get 30 GB internet for 30 days by recharging 398 taka from the official website of Grameen Company or My GP apps and through bKash apps.

5gb gp internet for 30 days

I think this package is great for those of you who use less MB because you can buy 5GB internet in GP SIM for 30 days only by recharging 299 taka.

6GB GP Internet for 30 days

If you want to get 6 GB internet package in GP SIM for 30 days, you can recharge from any Flexiload store or bKash apps for 306 Taka.

15GB GP Internet for 30 days

If you want to buy internet offer in Grameen SIM for 30 days, I can tell you that this offer will be much better for you. You are getting 15 GB internet by recharging only 409 taka

GP Internet Offer 2022 | Grameenphone MB Offer | GP Internet Offer 2022

Now I am going to share with you some more things which are only available here for GP SIM, three day offer or 7 day validity offer besides other course you can activate the package you need.

2gb gp internet youtube pack

If you have just bought an internet package to watch YouTube videos and use GP SIM then there is a great offer for you. You can get YouTube GP internet package by recharging only 89 taka for 30 days.

512 MB GP Internet

You will get 512mb of GP SIM for 3 days. If you want to activate this package, you only need to recharge 28 taka.

8GB GP Internet 7 days validity

For those of you who have purchased a weekly internet package, Grameen SIM has a great range where you can use 8 GB internet and 7 days validity.

3 GB GP internet for 3 days

You can get 3 GB internet in Grameen SIM for only three days by recharging only 63 Taka.

1gb gp internet offer

For those of you who want to buy 1GB internet package in Grameenphone SIM, there is this amazing MB package for less money. If you want to activate 1GB internet package for 7 days, recharge it for only 77 taka.

gp internet offer 2022 | GP new Internet Offer 2022

Grameenphone Internet Offer – Dear reader, the offers that I have shared in this article will be much better for you if you are using GP SIM. Also if you are interested to know the information about the new GP internet offer, you must stay connected with us or write in the comment box. Kind of you want to know information about internet offers Stay well Stay healthy Stay with us Thank you.

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