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LG Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh 2023 / LG bangladesh

Dear reader, how are you? I hope you are well. I am well with your prayers. The topic I want to discuss with you today is LG Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2023, & LG Mobile Price bd. Have to.

LG Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh 2023 | LG 5G Mobile Bangladesh

If you are interested to know about the mobiles that LG is releasing in Bangladesh in 2023 and how much money 5G LG mobiles 2023 can cost in Bangladesh, you can see the detailed information in the list given below.

LG Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh

All LG Mobile Phone Price list in Bangladesh 2023

LG Mobile New Model NameLG Mobile Price in Bangladesh
LG W41+18,000 Tk
LG W41 Pro20,000 Tk
LG W4117,000 Tk
LG W31+16,000 Tk
LG W3114,000 Tk
LG K92 5G35,000 Tk
LG K6225,000 Tk
LG K7119,885 Tk
LG K2215,000 Tk
LG Q3115,000 Tk
LG Wing 5G85,000 Tk
LG K5225,000 Tk
LG Velvet 5G UW25,000 Tk
LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW88,000 Tk
LG Velvet 5G57,000 Tk
LG Phoenix 510,000 Tk
LG K4218,000 Tk
LG Q5225,000 Tk
LG Q92 5G37,000 Tk
LG K3112,000 Tk
LG Q6126,000 Tk
LG Stylo 619,000 Tk
LG Velvet24,000 Tk
LG Folder 214,000 Tk
LG V60 ThinQ 5G65,000 Tk
LG Q5124,000 Tk
LG W10 Alpha12,000 Tk
LG K51S20,000 Tk
LG K41S15,000 Tk
LG K6125,000 Tk
LG X Power 317,000 Tk
LG G Pad 5 10.132,000 Tk
LG V50S ThinQ 5G95,000 Tk
LG G8X ThinQ67,000 Tk m
LG K30 (2019)13,000 Tk
LG K20 (2019)10,000 Tk
LG Q7030,000 Tk
LG K50S18,990 Tk
LG K40S14,990 Tk
LG Stylo 519,990 Tk
LG W30 Pro15,550 Tk
LG W3015,500 Tk
LG W1010,990 Tk
LG K4012,880 Tk
LG K5018,000 Tk
57,040 Tk
LG V50 ThinQ 5G89,990 Tk
LG Q6014,500 Tk
LG G8 ThinQ40,000 Tk
LG Q938,500 Tk
LG V40 ThinQ78,990 Tk
LG Candy7,800 Tk
LG G7 Fit32,250 Tk
LG G7 One57,990 tk
LG Q841,500 Tk
LG K11 Plus26,900 Tk
LG Q Stylo 420,000 tk
LG Q Stylus53,990 tk
LG V35 ThinQ72,000 Tk
LG Q743,990 Tk
LG G7 ThinQ52,990 Tk
LG V30S ThinQ76,990 Tk
LG Zone 49,990 Tk
LG K3017,000 Tk
LG K10 (2018)11,700 Tk
LG K8 (2018)13,990 Tk
LG Aristo 24,990 Tk
LG X4+28,400 Tk

Upcoming LG Mobile Phone 2023 Bangladesh

As soon as the LG company releases the mobiles in Bangladesh in 2023, you will get detailed information about the price of the mobiles in the list below.

Dear reader, if you are interested to know about the prices of other models of LG Mobile 2023, please write in the comment box. Stay with us till the new mobile arrives. Thank you.

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