Make money with Google AdSense without a website 2023 [Free guidelines]

Dear reader, how are you? I hope you are well. I am very good in your prayers and love. I want to discuss the subject that I want to come among you. I hope you will like it very much. I think today’s main discussion is Make money with Google AdSense without a website. If you are interested in the details then one day you will have to notice.

AdSense on YouTube | Link AdSense to YouTube – Make money with your blog

You must know that YouTube and Google Adsense are Google products through which you can earn money. I want to share these ideas. Hopefully, if you follow these steps well, you can easily earn from YouTube through Google Adsense.

Create a YouTube Channel | How to make a YouTube channel on Android phone

If you want to make money from youtube then you must create a youtube account.

You must first visit YouTube.com and then you will see an option called YouTube Sign Up. Click here. Then you will need to create a YouTube account with your email address.

YouTube channel setting and YouTube account should be set up properly, especially for YouTube, add a profile photo, add YouTube cover photo, then verify the YouTube channel with mobile number.

Enable Monetization | how to enable monetization on youtube in mobile

In order to earn from YouTube, you must now monetize the YouTube channel. You must meet the YouTube monetization requirement, especially if you have 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel and 4000 hours of watch time. You need to go to this link to apply for monetization of YouTube channel and add YouTube channel with AdSense.

Read and Agree to the YouTube Partners Program agreement

When you go to monetize the YouTube channel, when you see such a program terms and conditions on YouTube, you have to click on it and click on the I accept button.

Associate an AdSense Account with Your Channel

Now you need to link the YouTube channel with AdSense account. To create an AdSense account, you need to sign up for AdSense with the information you need and connect AdSense with YouTube.

Choose Your Ad Preferences | YouTube Ad Preferences & Settings – How YouTube Works

When your YouTube channel is monetized, you must set up your ads by clicking on the video you want to show the ads.

Upload and Promote Videos | How to Upload and Promote you Videos on YouTube

Create original videos and upload them to your channel. Once the total views of all your videos reaches 10,000, YouTube will automatically review your channel. If it meets all the community standards and guidelines, your videos will begin showing AdSense ads and make money YouTube to Adsense.

AdSense on Blogger | adsense approval on blogger 2023

You must know Blogger Open Google Adsense product. How do you make money from blogsport.com? I want to share these things with you now through Google Adsense.

First you need to create a Blogger account and write enough contacts then put important pages on the website then add your Blogspot website to the Google Search Console.

Sign Up for Monetization | sign up for youtube monetization

To earn from Blogspot with Google Adsense you need to apply for AdSense on your blogger website How to apply for AdSense on Blogger website.

Go to the dashboard option of your blogger website then you will see the earning option. After clicking here you will see a button like Sign Up for AdSense and after clicking there you will need to connect your blogspot website with Google Adsense with the required information.

Set Up Your Ad Settings | Google ad settings

If your Blogspot website is approved by AdSense, you will now be able to set up ads on your website through which you can earn money from the Blogger website.

Customize Your Ads | Ads Settings Google

If you want to add custom adsense ads on blogger website then you have to go to your blogger dashboard then you will see layout option click here then take a gadget in HTML then you generate adsense account ad code and copy and paste it.

In addition, the blogspot website first has AdSense gadget. By clicking on it, you can easily add custom ads of Google Adsense to the Blogger website.

Repeat for Additional Blogs | How on Repeating Content on Your Blog

Make money with Google AdSense without a website Dear reader, the things that I have shared with you through today’s article, if you take a good look at them,

you can easily make money making ideas Free from YouTube through AdSense and Blogger through Google AdSense.

If you are always interested in new ideas Stay connected, stay calm, stay well, stay healthy, thank you.

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