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Robi internet offer 2022: Robi internet package 30 days

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Dear Reader How are you I hope you are well I am also fine with your prayers I am going to discuss the issue between you I hope you will like it very much I hope the main topic of today’s discussion is Robi Internet Offer 2022 If you are interested to know the details This article is for you.

Robi internet offer 2022 List All robi net offer, Robi New internet offer 2022

With this article you can find out the offers that are available in Robi company and for those of you who use Robi SIM, I am going to share the offers of buying more MB at lower price. I hope you will know all the information about the offers now. Going.

Robi Internet Offer 2022 Monthly | Robi Monthly Internet Packages 2022

For those of you who have purchased a monthly internet package from Robi SIM, first I will share some offers which you can buy for no money.

40GB 1000 Minutes If you have bought monthly internet package in Robi SIM then I think this package would be very good for you. Can take

If you want to avail this offer on Robi SIM or activate this package for 30GB 800 minutes 30 days then you need to recharge 699tk.

If you want to activate this package on Robi SIM for 22GB 800 minutes 28 days or if you are looking for a Robi SIM package for one month, recharge this package for 549 taka to activate this package which is great for you at low cost.

55GB 50 Taka Cashback If you want to avail this package on Robi SIM for 28 days then you need to recharge 519 Taka then Robi SIM package will be activated.

Robi Monthly Internet Package | Robi 30 GB internet offer 2022

For those of you who have purchased monthly internet packages from Robi SIM or those who have recharged the monthly internet package purchase code online, I hope you will like the monthly packages I have shared above. You can buy more MB in Robi SIM for less money.

Robi internet offer 1 GB Robi internet offer 1gb

In addition, if you want to know the information about the 1 GB internet offer in Robi SIM, now we are going to share it.

1 GB for 9 Taka Those of you who use Robi SIM, if you have bought a new Robi SIM, this offer is for you. You will get 1 GB internet by recharging 9 Taka every month for 12 months.

1 GB internet at Tk 32 If you recharge Tk 32 on Robi SIM, you will get 1GB internet for three days.

1 GB internet at 23 taka Robi SIM If you recharge 10 taka you will get 1 GB internet for free for three days.

Robi 30 GB code for 349 tk Robi 30 GB Offer code

For those of you who want to get 30 GB internet for one month by recharging Tk 349 in Robi SIM, the way to get it is to go to Flexiload store or by recharging Tk 349 through bKash apps you will get 30 GB internet for 30 days.

Robi 16 GB for 146 tk Robi 148 Tk 16 GB

This is a great offer in Robi SIM. You can get 16 GB internet for 15 days from bKash app by recharging 148 taka.

Robi 10 GB for 100 tk Robi 100 Tk 10 GB

How to get 10 GB by recharging 100 taka in Robi SIM Now I am telling you to first open your bKash apps or recharge 100 taka in Flexiload store then 100 taka will be added to the original balance of your Robi SIM. Now you can take this package from Robi apps. You can take the package for 100 rupees by doing research directly from bKash.

Robi Internet imo Package | Robi imo internet package Code

For those who want to buy imu data pack with Robi SIM using IMO, I will now share some things that are useful for your imo apps.

1gb 55 taka Robi SIM If you want to take 1gb imo package then you have to recharge 55 taka then you can use imo for one month for free.

1GB Internet 49 Taka Robi SIM has another monthly internet package which you can get 1gb by recharging 49 Taka.

Robi imo Pack Offer | Robi IMO pack 30 days code

If you want to get IMO package in Robi SIM for one month then you can buy these two packages which I have shared above.

Robi Internet Offer 2022 | New SIM Offer 2022 | Robi internet offer 2022 new | Robi internet offer

Dear Reader If you are always interested to know the latest internet, minutes, data, MB, offers, detailed information of all new SIM then stay connected with us regularly about us. Stay with the offers and stay tuned. Thank you.

Originally posted on January 26, 2022 @ 3:19 am

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