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Samsung phones prices in Kenya Jumia July 2022

Dear reader, how are you? I hope you are well. I am very well in your prayers. I hope that you will like the topic that I am going to discuss among you. I hope that the main topic of today’s discussion is Samsung mobile price in kenya. If you want to know more about Samsung phones and prices in Kenya 2022 then you should read this article.

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Samsung Phones and Prices 2022 | Latest Samsung phones in Kenya

Kenya If you are interested in buying samsung mobile phone then this article is going to be very important for you because in this article we have tried to highlight that new samsung mobile price 2022 details about kenya with which you can easily know about samsung galaxy mobile price 2022.

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Samsung Galaxy Mobile Price In Kenya | Samsung kenya

Dear reader, you alone can know the price of high budget Samsung mobile 2022 and low budget Samsung mobile price 2022. If you want to know, you must know the list of mobile price 2022 given below.

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Samsung phones prices in Kenya JumiaJumia Samsung phones
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G 6GB/128GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh74,999
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G 8GB/256GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh85,999
Samsung Galaxy A03 Core price in Kenya JumiaKSh11,399
Samsung Galaxy M01 Core price in Kenya JumiaKSh10,499
Samsung Galaxy M32 price in Kenya JumiaKSh27,000
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G 6GB/128GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh33,000
Samsung Galaxy A03s 4GB/64GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh15,899
Samsung Galaxy A03s 3GB/32GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh13,899
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 8GB/256GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh106,999
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 8GB/128GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh107,500
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 12GB/512GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh195,500
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 12GB/256GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh184,999
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G 6GB/128GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh43,500
Samsung Galaxy A22 4GB/64GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh21,899
Samsung Galaxy A22 4GB/128GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh23,999
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE price in Kenya JumiaKSh61,499
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite price in Kenya JumiaKSh19,499
Samsung Galaxy F41 price in Kenya JumiaKSh26,399
Samsung Galaxy M42 price in Kenya JumiaKSh35,800
Samsung Galaxy A52 8GB/128GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh43,299
Samsung Galaxy A52 6GB/128GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh44,999
Samsung Galaxy A32 price in Kenya JumiaKSh31,999
Samsung Galaxy M62 price in Kenya JumiaKSh49,000
Samsung Galaxy F62 price in Kenya JumiaKSh31,499
Samsung Galaxy A02 64GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh13,499
Samsung Galaxy A02 32GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh10,899
Samsung Galaxy A72 256GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh56,499
Samsung Galaxy A72 128GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh52,799
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 256GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh130,299
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 512GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh146,999
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 256GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh103,500
Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh84,299
Samsung Galaxy A02s price in Kenya JumiaKSh12,999
Samsung Galaxy A12 128GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh19,399
Samsung Galaxy A12 64GB price in Kenya JumiaKSh16,999
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE price in Kenya JumiaKSh53,499
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 price in Kenya JumiaKSh26,300
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus price in Kenya JumiaKSh115,000
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 price in Kenya JumiaKSh82,899
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 price in Kenya JumiaKSh204,899
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 4G price in Kenya JumiaKSh102,799

Upcoming Samsung Mobile Prices 2022 kenya | latest Samsung mobile phone is Kenya 2022

Also if you are interested to know the exact information about the price list of upcoming samsung galaxy mobile 2022 and latest samsung galaxy mobile 2022 or if you are interested to know the exact information about samsung mobile price 2022 then you must stay connected because we regularly price android mobile 2022 Stay well with the right information about stay healthy stay thank you.

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