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Vivo Mobile price in China

Dear reader, how are you? I hope you are well. I am very well with your prayers. I hope that you will like the topic that I am going to discuss among you. I hope that the main topic of today’s discussion is Vivo Mobile price in China. If you want to know more about Vivo Mobile price in China 2022, you need to pay close attention to this article.

ViVo Mobile Phone Price in China | Vivo Mobile China 2022

Readers: If you are interested in buying new Vivo Mobile phones online or if you are not in China then you can easily find out about all the mobiles and prices here.

In order for you to easily understand all the updates of the new mobiles that Vivo company is releasing in China, I have given below the list of prices of all Vivo mobiles 2022. You can see it here.

Vivo Mobile New Model NameVivo Mobile price in China
Vivo V23 ProCNY-3,512
Vivo S12 ProCNY-3,479
ViVo Y21sCNY-1,305
Vivo X70 Pro PlusCNY-6,322
Vivo X70 ProCNY-4,449
Vivo X70CNY-3,847
Vivo Y33sCNY-1,505
ViVo Y21CNY-1,204
Vivo IQOO 8GBCNY-3,780
Vivo Y12ACNY-903
Vivo S10 ProCNY-3,746
Vivo S10CNY-2,944
Vivo Y73CNY-1,773
Vivo Y72 5G IndiaCNY-1,873
Vivo Y53s 4GCNY-1,606
Vivo X60T Pro PlusCNY-5,151
Vivo V21e 5GCNY-2,208
Vivo Y53sCNY-1,739
Vivo Y70tCNY-1,539
Vivo X60sCNY-2,944
Vivo Y52 5GCNY-1,773
Vivo Y12s 2021CNY-970
Vivo Y52s t1CNY-1,974
ViVo V21 5GCNY-2,743
ViVo V21CNY-2,609
ViVo V21eCNY-2,141
ViVo Y20s GCNY-1,204
Vivo X60tCNY-3,512
Vivo Y30GCNY-1,539
Vivo X60 ProCNY-4,482
Vivo X60CNY-3,412
Vivo iQOO Z3CNY-1,673
Vivo Y72 5GCNY-1,907
Vivo iQOO U3xCNY-1,238
Vivo iQOO Neo 5CNY-2,542
Vivo S9CNY-3,011
Vivo S9eCNY-2,442
ViVo S7tCNY-2,944
Vivo Y20aNY-1,004
ViVo Y20 2021CNY-970
Vivo X60 Pro ChinaCNY-4,482
Vivo X60 ChinaCNY-3,613
ViVo V20 2021CNY-2,074
Vivo Y30 StandardCNY-1,338
Vivo iQOO U3CNY-1,505
Vivo Y52sCNY-1,572
Vivo Y51ACNY-1,606
Vivo Y51 2020CNY-1,606
Vivo Y12sCNY-870
Vivo Y12iCNY-1,137
ViVo Y1sCNY-937
Vivo S7eCNY-2,776
Vivo X51 5GCNY-5,820
Vivo iQOO U1xCNY-903
Vivo Y3sCNY-1,004
Vivo Y30 ChinaCNY-1,137
Vivo Y11sCNY-1,305
Vivo Y70CNY-1,739
ViVo Y20sCNY-1,137
Vivo Y73sCNY-1,773

Upcoming Vivo phones China 2022 | new vivo mobile china 2022

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