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vivo mobile price in singapore 2023 / New vivo Smartphones

Dear reader how are you I hope you are well I am also very good in your prayers I am going to discuss the subject between you I hope you will like it very much I hope the main topic of today’s discussion is vivo mobile price in singapore if you know the price and details of mobile If you are interested, see this article.

vivo mobile price in singapore 2023

Dear reader, I am going to discuss among you the mobiles that I am going to talk about and the price of the mobiles that I am trying to give you detailed information. You can find out the details in the list below.

Mobile NameRam & RomCameraMobile Price
vivo X70 Pro Plus256 GB50+8+32+48 MegapixelS$ 1,335.00
Vivo Y2064 GB13+2+2 MegapixelS$ 199.00
vivo V21 5G128 GB64+8+2 MegapixelS$ 599.00
Vivo X60 Pro 5G128 GB48+8+13+13 MegapixelS$ 865.00
vivo Y72 5G128 GB64+8+2 MegapixelS$ 399.00
vivo Y33s128 GB50+2+2 MegapixelS$ 329.00
Vivo V20 SE128 GB48+8+2 MegapixelS$ 399.00
Vivo Y12s32 GB13+2 MegapixelS$ 169.00
Vivo S1128 GB12+8+5 MegapixelS$ 421.00
Vivo Y1264 Gb13+8+2 MegapixelS$ 199.00
Vivo Y91C32 GB13 MegapixelS$ 159.00
Vivo V17128 GB48+8+2+2 MegapixelS$ 390.00
vivo V17 Pro128 GB48+8+13 MegapixelS$ 499.00
Vivo Y1564 GB5 MegapixelS$ 199.00
Vivo X50 Pro128 GB48+8+13+8 MegapixelS$ 760.00
Vivo Y20s64 GB13+2+2 MegapixelS$ 269.00
Vivo Y3132 GB8 MegapixelS$ 319.00
vivo iQOO 8 Pro128 GB50+16+8 MegapixelS$ 766.00
Vivo V15 Pro128 GB48+8+5 MegapixelS$ 699.00
Vivo V19128 GB48+8+2+2 MegapixelS$ 399.00
Vivo NEX 3128 GB64+13 MegapixelS$ 1,299.00
Vivo V15128 GB64+8+5 MegapixelS$ 499.00
Vivo X60 Pro 5G Midnight Black256 GB48+8+13+13 MegapixelS$ 1,199.00
Vivo Y50128 GB13+8+2+2 MegapixelS$ 369.00
Vivo Y20 Nebula Blue64 GB13+2+2 MegapixelS$ 199.00

Also stay tuned to this website if you are interested to know the price and details of the new mobiles that Vivo company releases in Singapore, we keep you updated about the new mobiles of Vivo company regularly.

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