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Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing in 2023?

Dear reader how are you all I hope you are well I am very good in your prayers I am going to discuss the subject among you I hope you will like it very much The main topic of today’s discussion is youtube shorts not showing if you notice this article completely you know Watch the article carefully to know how to fix youtube shorts not showing.

How to Make Money with YouTube Shorts

What is YouTube Shorts?

You must know what YouTube short videos are and how they work.

YouTube has also introduced short video options like TikTok through YouTube but you can earn thousands of dollars and if you haven’t made short videos on YouTube then be sure to watch the article carefully.

#1: No YouTube Shorts Option

#2: Shorts Videos not Visible

#3: Shorts Videos not Showing Correctly

Ways to Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing in 2023?

Dear reader, if you want to do short video showing on youtube, then I will show you the details of how to do short video shouting on youtube.

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YouTube Shorts not showing on tablet

If you are using a tablet device and if you do not show the short video of YouTube here see the details below.

1. Update YouTube app latest version.

2. YouTube apps data & cache clear.

3. Check Your internet speed.

4. Restart your table device and try again.

The YouTube server can be down, busy, or under maintenance. Wait for a while and try again.

Even then, if you have been listening to short videos on YouTube, you need to use VPN.

YouTube Shorts not showing on Android

If you are using an Android device and if YouTube is not showing short videos on Android mobile then see below for details on how you can show short videos of youtube on android mobile.

1. First make an internet connection between your Android device.

2. If you haven’t updated your YouTube apps on your Android mobile now, update your YouTube software from the Google Play Store now.

3. Or clear the data and cache of your YouTube apps.

4. Even then, if all the videos of YouTube are not seen on your mobile, then restore your mobile.

YouTube Shorts not showing on iPad

If you use iPad and if you can’t see YouTube’s shorts videos in iPad then see below how you can watch youtube’s shorts videos in ipad.

  1. First, make a WiFi and mobile data connection on your iPad device.
  2. Now update the YouTube software.
  3. Delete data and cache in YouTube software.
  4. Restore the iPad device.

How to watch YouTube Shorts on Samsung tablet

Dear reader, be sure to pay close attention to the rules I have shared above for having short videos of YouTube on your mobile device or iPad or iPhone and other devices.

YouTube Shorts not showing on PC

If you use a PC or laptop, see below for details on how to show short videos on YouTube.

  1. First connect the internet to the PC.
  2. If you haven’t updated your YouTube software on PC, update now.
  3. Remove data or cases of PC YouTube software.

YouTube Shorts app

If you want to download YouTube short video apps, you can see the button below. Click here and then you can download YouTube short video apps for free.

YouTube app download and instal – YouTube APK latest version 2022

YouTube Shorts not showing on iPhone

If you want to show short videos of youtube on iphone mobile then pay close attention to the things I have shared above then you can do youtube showing of iphone mobile.

YouTube Shorts upload Failed

If you want to upload all the videos on youtube, if the update looks failed then we will discuss in the next episode how to upload all the videos on youtube or write in the comment box for more details.

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How to Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing on the YouTube App

Dear reader, if you are interested in all the information related to short videos of YouTube or if you have any problem with all the videos of YouTube, please write in the comment box.

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